C-47 IFR FZMA – FZOA flight [Shared cockpit]

C-47 IFR FZMA – FZOA flight [Shared cockpit]

Kybinec and I received a work in Congo* to transport passengers from Bukavu Kavuma airport (FZMA) to Kindu airport (FZOA).

Bukavu Kavuma airport, all passengers on board and we are ready for take off.

The weather was really nice in Bukavu.

In the picture below you can see all our 12 passengers: 11 Bukavu passengers and 2 Kindu passenger. Each passenger paid $911.

I live in Canada and Kybinec in Russia, so it is nice to see +27 C outside even in virtual world 😉

In this flight I started to fly as a Co-Pilot on the right side. I worked with navigation and radio communication (VATSIM) and Kybinec flew i.e. he controlled the aicraft.

In the middle of flight the weather started to change.

Later the sky was 1/2 scattered clouds.

But approaching and landing was without any problems. Kybinec had left “the cockpit” due to good reason and I landed DC-3 alone.

Kindu airport, all passengers are delivered! We thanked the passengers because they choose Aircrew Flights company.

This is our financial log. From $10932 we received $5606 hmm 🙁

* – We use FSEconomy.

Model: C-47/DC-3 vSkyLabs

Additional plugins and programs I use:

  1. SmartCopilot (for crewed flights i.e. for sharing a cockpit)
  2. FlyWithLua NG (Next Generation) Edition for X-Plane 11 (Main tool for run run plugin’s scripts; free)
  3. 3jFPS-wizard11 1.3 (for FPS control; free)
  4. Vivid Sky 1.1 (sky colors, clouds, water structure; free)
  5. Four Seasons Plugin (for switching seasons; free)
  6. Active Sky (weather)

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