For crewed flights we use vSkyLabs C-47

Please note that we don’t use a free model of DC-3

Probably you know that there is a free model of DC-3 for X-Plane… Why we chose this particular C-47? We use this model for the following reasons:

  • Accuracy.
    This model has high accuracy. It means that you can use real C-47’s Pilot manual for study this virtual model.
  • Quality.
    VSKYLAB C-47 is very high quality project. Moreover, the author constantly update his project (development and fixing problems) – you will receive update automatically ( STMA AutoUpdater ).
  • VR ready.
    Some of our members has VR. This project perfectly works with VR.
  • Equipment.
    In the cockpit you will find two GPS – each pilot can use his GPS independently.
    VSKYLABS ะก-47 has old Sperry autopilot which works as appropriate. In contrast the free model has “magic autopilot”.
  • Effects.
    You really have to know this machine for use it. flying on the VSKYLAB C-47 you must monitor the operation of the engines to prevent their overheating… Must when and how to use the anti-icing system etc, etc…

You can buy this model HERE


SmartCopilot configuration is modified – Weather sync section is removed – DOWNLOAD HERE


Check list (Eng/Rus) – DOWNLOAD HERE