1. Every new pilot should provide a valid email address, please adjust your spam filters to ensure to receive our mail. Every pilot that provided us an un-deliverable email, will be rejected, due to impossibility of staying in contact. A valid email address must be kept all-along your club membership
  2. During the registration you have to provide us your real First and Last name.
  3. Applicant need to have following software as minimum (updated to the last version):
    1. X-Plane 11
    2. Smart Copilot (download it here: HERE).
      You can install free demo and make couple flight with us to check – do you like it or not.
    3. For weather – free plugin [XPGFS] NOAA Weather (download it here: HERE ) or payware Active Sky for X-Plane (CHECK HERE) – (in the process of discussion and testing)
      Both pilots must have the same weather i.e. they should have the same clouds layers, wind, atmospheric pressure etc. This is very important if they flying in VATSIM/IVAO.
    4. xOrganizer for disable/enable sceneries, airports, mesh etc. Free old version HERE or the last payware version HERE.
      In most cases both pilots cannot use different sceneries doe to different altitude of airports or runways. One pilot can appear normal, other pilot will appear underground 🙂
  4. Every pilot must have at least one aircraft listed in our plane park (in the process of discussion)
  5. To ensure the quality of our club and friendly atmosphere every member must respect the following
    1. Be friendly
    2. Be patient
    3. Be respectful
    4. Be aware of words you use
  6. Aircrew Flights has zero tolerance to any form of violence, including but not limited to
    1. Public or private harassment, insults and threatening
    2. The use of profanity, vulgarity or inappropriate comments towards other members
    3. Mistreating based on personal, religious qualities or on political views of other membership
    4. Trolling/bullying/sharing private information of any member of our club/
  7. Never argue with other pilots, if any problems arise contact Aircrew Flights staff
  8. Aircrew Flights reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account without notice.
  9. Aircrew Flights can change, delete or add rules at any time without notice.

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