Testing default Laminar Baron 58

Magic and I tested Laminar Beechcraft Baron 58, which is included in X-Plane 11 by default, for crewed flight.

We performed two flights. The first flight was very short and local, second flight was in Vatsim. For Vatsim we used x-pilot. One of us was as an observer. Below you can see a video of this flight:


As you see I have problems with flashing of clouds. Probably it was due to using old config file for SmartCoPilot. Or we need to try to change settings in SmartCopilot about weather.

But in spite of the old CFG file, all systems were synchronized – we tested them on checklists, we both could use the radio (unicom).

Yes, I used this aircraft for crewed flights but after using high quality payware model (vSkyLabs DC-3), default “free” Laminar Baron 58 is not “impressive”. The aircraft was super sensible – one click of elevator trim and the vertical speed changes sharply. With decreasing airspeed I didn’t feel of changing its behavior or dynamic… No raining on the glass, inside is very silent – no environmental sounds…


In spite of everything above, the flight was excellent! Magic is really professional and he is really patient. Work with him in shared cockpit (or teamwork) is very easy. I really enjoyed to fly with him.
We have to consider about using 3rd party weather like Active Sky. Probably we need to consider to include only high quality models to our fleet.

It would be great to know other opinions.

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  1. Magic here. I thought the flight was fairly smooth. I did see some sync issues with power and flaps levers which you can see in the video on the final approach. The aircraft seemed to respond as expected despite the control lever sync issues. My side had relatively few weather issues but I can tell from when we entered the clouds on takeoff that there was a discrepancy. It also appeared that our DME equipment reported different values at various times. Overall though, great experience.

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