Weather sync is deleted in SmartCopilot [video in Rus]

Weather sync is deleted in SmartCopilot [video in Rus]

We recently found out that we can turn off weather sync only in configuration files for 3rd version.

It means that if there is a config file for 2nd version Smartcopilot, the function “turn on/off weather sync” in SmartCopilot doesn’t work! For this reason we just simple deleted all weather’s section in the config file for DC-3.

Also we tried to use different weather engines/injectors, I used Active Sky (you can watch it in the video below) and Kybinec used free plugin [XPGFS] NOAA Weather (download it here: HERE ) . The for both of us weather was little bit different but not too much:
In Active Sky upper layer of clouds was – stratus, for XPGRS it was brocken etc.
You can watch a video of testing below. It is in Russian, but you can just watch the picture.


This method works much better. A cfg file for SmartCopilot with removed weather secton, provide better connection… No stutters, no flashing etc.

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